Wordpress to Blogger Conversion

One day I was doing my daily, that is browsing the Internet and on the day I discover new things very interesting. The new thing is how to change wordpress to blogspot. With the way that I find quite easy, but that made me confused. Why should berindah from wordpress to blogspot.

In my own hell wordpress feature complete easy, for example in making readmore blogspot done manually edit the HTML by comparing it with wordpress which is providing facilities read more. Mugkin own friends who know why and control switch to bogspot. According to my own in my blogspot usage was satisfied,

possible ways such as manually edit html but this is still there as well as learning to take my college informatics techniques in which there is a web programming courses, and for those of you who like a challenge in the editing view your blog, I recommend choosing blogspot.
And for you who want to switch from wordpress to blogspot, please click here to link convert the media,

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