Skreeky - audio-based chat

Skreeky is based chat application supporting audio chat that allows users to keep in touch with friends.with an excess of which could accommodate had talked to all his friends ririskiky simultaneously. to operate, users simply install to the phone. then the user will be connected to the server application providers. After that. users will be able to hear the voice users and other applications can add to friends list.

This application also supports audio compression features, to speed up the process of audio data transfer. if the application installed handset features GPS, users can select the 'buddy' is more specific chat.

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VLAN Configuration on Switch 2950T-24

In my post this time I'll share my knowledge about VLAN, VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a network switch that is logically segmented by function or department without actually touching the user based on location, this is done for network security and reduce operational costs.

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Administratif Distance of CISCO's Router

401notfound not have long to give an article about Cisco, on occasion this time I will explain about the Administrative Distance, Administrative Distance is a numeric value that specifies the preference of a particular route, It's a calculated value used to determine the best path to a destination, each routing protocol has an administrative distance separately. In the example above picture there are EIGRP and RIP protocols , when a PC with a network to send packets to the network packet routing who to use is EIGRP will pass this is because the Administrative distance is smaller than the Administrative Distance to the RIP.

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Include Share Engine and Ads in Your Posting

This my story interested with my blog friends, blogs have a different and makes me wonder about it, because when the first page advertisements placed in his posting not visible, but when the link is clicked  read  more the ad and Share Engine appears, of course you have know the function of this ad is as income for bloggers and share engine in need to improve your SEO, as an example implementation I gave you can see the main thing 401notfound! see no ads and share engine is not in the post? read more try clicking on it will show ads and share engine. but the knowledge I give is only applicable to Blogspot .and Wordpress and friends can find tutorials elsewhere hhe

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How to Instalasition OpenVPN on Linux

The cooperation want the transmisi data or using internet with safety for be accessing it branch who in city else, well any application who support this problem, this is OpenVPN Access Server, OpenVPN Access Server is a set of installation and configuration tools that simplify the rapid deployment of a VPN remote access solution. This OpenVPN-AS have a features include : simple, web- based admin UI for configuration, control and management, easy to use, Client Web Server that automatically generates a client configuration. OpenVPN give you the broad support and robust security of the OpenVPN open-source software project, coupled with the configuration and management tools needed to deploy the VPN solution easily and quickly.

Direction for use this OpenVPN :

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