VLAN Configuration on Switch 2950T-24

In my post this time I'll share my knowledge about VLAN, VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a network switch that is logically segmented by function or department without actually touching the user based on location, this is done for network security and reduce operational costs.

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Administratif Distance of CISCO's Router

401notfound not have long to give an article about Cisco, on occasion this time I will explain about the Administrative Distance, Administrative Distance is a numeric value that specifies the preference of a particular route, It's a calculated value used to determine the best path to a destination, each routing protocol has an administrative distance separately. In the example above picture there are EIGRP and RIP protocols , when a PC with a network to send packets to the network packet routing who to use is EIGRP will pass this is because the Administrative distance is smaller than the Administrative Distance to the RIP.

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Include Share Engine and Ads in Your Posting

This my story interested with my blog friends, blogs have a different and makes me wonder about it, because when the first page advertisements placed in his posting not visible, but when the link is clicked  read  more the ad and Share Engine appears, of course you have know the function of this ad is as income for bloggers and share engine in need to improve your SEO, as an example implementation I gave you can see the main thing 401notfound! see no ads and share engine is not in the post? read more try clicking on it will show ads and share engine. but the knowledge I give is only applicable to Blogspot .and Wordpress and friends can find tutorials elsewhere hhe

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How to Instalasition OpenVPN on Linux

The cooperation want the transmisi data or using internet with safety for be accessing it branch who in city else, well any application who support this problem, this is OpenVPN Access Server, OpenVPN Access Server is a set of installation and configuration tools that simplify the rapid deployment of a VPN remote access solution. This OpenVPN-AS have a features include : simple, web- based admin UI for configuration, control and management, easy to use, Client Web Server that automatically generates a client configuration. OpenVPN give you the broad support and robust security of the OpenVPN open-source software project, coupled with the configuration and management tools needed to deploy the VPN solution easily and quickly.

Direction for use this OpenVPN :

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Installation Wordpress on localhost

Post, edit html and each others done by the blogger or an online admin computer that is connected to the Internet, WordPress users now can do it offline (localhost) is running wordpress with no connection to the Internet. This allows the administrator to do the settings on the dashboard of wordpress if they have a slow connection. Just imagine we apply the settings, posting, uploading,

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Instalasi Editor WYSIWYG

Hey readers .. This time I will raise the issue of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), maybe you will ask what is WYSIWYG. WYSIWYG editor that is installed in a php script that can facilitate a user to specify the format, size, type font, add hyperlinks and table, and can also upload files, images, animation and video that can describe this as we edit in Microsoft word. Before the existence of an admin WYSIWYG editor who will then post the news should be given the html tag when going in textarea to edit the news will be publish. An example will show bold words 401notfound will look into 401notfound.
If we search on the internet is a WYSIWYG editor will be found, but here I will not tell you to quote this because my editor has provided a WYSIWYG editor on my blog, if you are interested please download this editor WYSIWYG editor click the download here.

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Attrib - Hidden File for Data Secure

The function of a variety of hidden files, some say for data security or hide files #x$x?X depends on what he wills, will give 401notfound here tricks to use attrib to hide files on the command line to avoid criminal attack computer! Because they usually use the command line to enter the victim's computer, for more details see the stage below. First we go to the folder where the file will be hidden as shown in the above cmd.
After using the dir command line will menampilkkan files in the folder, it was typing attrib After following directions.

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Download Packet Tracer 5.2

Cisco corporation has launched a new series of packet tracer it is packet tracer 5.2, the latest version of this excess is the addition of a laptop that can feature in the system configure VPN, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network to connect remote-site between safely. VPN is divided in two parts ie part of the system is protected by certain passwords and the outside of the internet infrastructure is not protected.

By using packet tracer 5.2 we can simulate and design a network that we will create. On the site have been provided http://www.cisco.netacad.net/ packet tracer 5.2 for Windows, Ubuntu and fedora. Here I apologize for not giving a free packet tracer 5.2 due sizenya so great, but you can download it directly on the site with a Cisco login first as a Cisco Networking Academy. /febtian

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Configure Outlook for Receive mail from Localhost

Hi 401notfound visitors, in the previous session on how to send an email on localhost (the computer as a server in the URLs) using Argosoft Mail Sever, but I found a complain from my friends after reading my article, one comment, "Nas, email delivery is not so real, try the email go to inbox yahoo or Microsoft Outlook ". That's about a comment from my friend. And I accept that comment, so I make this article. The following will show that I am sending an email in a very real localhost as sending an email while online.

Previously you had to mengkonfigurasikan Argosoft Mail Server ywhich I described in an article Argosoft Mail server configuration, and here I'll mecoba setting up Microsoft Office Outlook for email delivery is still in localhost mode!, as always open Microsoft Office Outlook and click File> Data File Management. After that we can look Account Settings as shown below

Select E-mail> New, it will look something like this out and you have to fill in the textfield like this

After that configure cheklist Manualy under the form and click the Next button, as it will appear like the following form.

After filling in the textfield take the Test Account Settings ..., if the Complate get the account you created is ready to use for mail on localhost. Then copylah contact.php script below and then run it on localhost.

After the tell us open the Microsoft Office Outlook previously Argosoft Mail Server applications have to be activated, and then locate and click the Send / Receive then there will be updates incoming email as below the display, let's go ..

Clearly seen emails sent and received the same contents After the notification of Argosoft, then the configuration can be done practically successful, thank you for reading my article, congratulations mencoba. /febtian

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Konfigurasi Argosoft Mail Server

Argosoft Mail Server is an application running on localhost, maybe this application is the search by the manufacturers web where we can simulate the sending and receiving emails on the localhost (the computer as a server's settings) the computer must be installed pal apache first, whether the web at create can run well without the need to conduct online tests are often done by the manufacturer for this website. File size was small enough that the 1:37 MB can be downloaded at the end of this article.

Here I will also give examples for menseting Argosoft Mail Server so you can understand before using your application, and that is important you do not need to do a test online ^ ^. The following steps should be taken:

  • View the menu bar, click Tools> Options, after this domain click Local tab, then fill in the text box: localhost, and then press add the text will appear in the listbox, and then press ok

  • Next click the Tools menu> User, then the dialog box will appear as below, then click the Add New User

  • After pressing the Add new user it will display the User Properties window

After doing so Argosoft you configure a new user with the webmaster's name, which means we have an email address webmaster @ localhost. To determine whether the application is Argosoft went wrong so we had to check by writing the script below emailkonek.php which will run in a web browser but do not forget to localhost argosoft mail server must first be enable.

If successful then we get the information in such Argosoft below

Look at the line terakir on Argosoft Mail Server, which means the email has been received by the webmaster @ localhost and messages from redaksi@lokomedia.com.

Download Argosoft Mail Server

Thank you for reading my article, good luck. / febtian

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Wordpress to Blogger Conversion

One day I was doing my daily, that is browsing the Internet and on the day I discover new things very interesting. The new thing is how to change wordpress to blogspot. With the way that I find quite easy, but that made me confused. Why should berindah from wordpress to blogspot.

In my own hell wordpress feature complete easy, for example in making readmore blogspot done manually edit the HTML by comparing it with wordpress which is providing facilities read more. Mugkin own friends who know why and control switch to bogspot. According to my own in my blogspot usage was satisfied,

possible ways such as manually edit html but this is still there as well as learning to take my college informatics techniques in which there is a web programming courses, and for those of you who like a challenge in the editing view your blog, I recommend choosing blogspot.
And for you who want to switch from wordpress to blogspot, please click here to link convert the media,

Thanks for read, please comment this post^^ ./febtian

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How to Syncronation Connection EIGRP to Static Routing

In this article I will discuss, how EIGRP can be connected to the static routing. Preparation of the exam networking in my campus. First I make a three-router that is located in one Autonomous systems and give me the name from left to right R1, R2, and R3. At R1 and R2 we configure EIGRP use R3 while we use Static routing, we simply set up one by one

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This is a very interesting site, we can convert text into mp3 format with free (only up to 100MB), I was reminded of the custom of first school term time I listen to my voice recordings, this probably made goals Zamzar site, maybe also as we will preparing a presentation, but when we were little we can listen to the files that we have to convert. mp3 on his way to goal.

How it works, you simply upload a file of documents to text files are converted to a format word, pdf, txt, etc, and choose mp3 as output, otherwise enter your email address so that Zamzar can send the admin hasilnya. /febtian

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Mozilla Firefox is solid, other than the speed of this application, the firefox to see the other side to sell their products, the design, add ons Foxtab is that I will study here, with similar foxtab own alt + tab on windows and linux but function to open tab in the tab itself mozila, foxtab provide various types of display that allows us to not bosen, the view that there are 5 slides, slide2, thumbnail, thumbnail2, and 3dflip.

To five in this view the adoption of various operating systems that have at this time, such as a slide show in the adoption of the operating system MAC OS, 3D-Flip in the adoption of Windows Vista. How to get it also very easy, you simply search the mozilla add ons and download, with the capacity to download a small time is not long, to get Foxtab click here. /febtian

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