Attrib - Hidden File for Data Secure

The function of a variety of hidden files, some say for data security or hide files #x$x?X depends on what he wills, will give 401notfound here tricks to use attrib to hide files on the command line to avoid criminal attack computer! Because they usually use the command line to enter the victim's computer, for more details see the stage below. First we go to the folder where the file will be hidden as shown in the above cmd.
After using the dir command line will menampilkkan files in the folder, it was typing attrib After following directions.

To hide a file function can type the following command.
D: \ folder> attrib + h "music aku.mp3"
-- attrib + h function is to add a hidden attribute on the file "music aku.mp3" --
Then check the folder menngunakan dir command then the file "music aku.mp3" nampil not in cmd

To show again, please type in "dir / a", Note: attrib function or just do not look at the command line terhidden just because it was our main goal, hopefully the knowledge I had to be applied to your well :) salam. / febtian

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