Video Redirect Blogspot

How can I automatically redirect my visitors from blogspot to my new site? I find this video especially for the bloggers who want to change the blog address from to easily we change it, and first we have to purchase the domain. You can also find free domain or buy them with, depending on the package provided. why I post this article when I have not I buy a domain, but if insyaallah have money falling from the sky I will buy them directly, amin, the blogger prayer me yah^^

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Form with JavaScript

A week ago, i and my friends in order to create the form using JavaScript, a challenge that must be completed, as this day must be completed in the following is an example of making the implementation of the Form using JavaScript.

Name :

email :

age :

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One day I was bored I continue to face the obvious in facebook or in the virtual world, I would like to continue to create images such as cartoons, but I'm a fool in the use of Adobe heu, I can hold recommendations for the site faceyourmanga. Hmm this is a site that gives our face without wearing the cost,faceyourmanga provide all the usual in pairs on the internet if faceyourmanga lazy show up original images, how to make it simple with a variety of characteristics that make us experiment with our own face hhe. Step the making it as follows:

  • Go to
  • On the new page select “Face your manga”
  • On the new page selec “Create” for starting
  • Select sex
  • eksperimently with various characteristics, accessories, and widgets that have
  • When done click "finish"
  • Once this step is completed, inputkan email address to send you all that you have made

Try it

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use of bandwidth in EIGRP

by : putro

allhamdulillah I finally get answers to my job on campus. about EIGRP routing protokols,that is, "why EIGRP uses bandwidth the include in EIGRP distance vector protocol that does not require bandwidth?", but see or calculate the nearest hop on down .. This is a task that answers a question I get

Balanced hybrid is a term to describe your protkol routing that is used by EIGRP, this is because EIGRP has some features of distance vector and link state, as we know that EIGRP is a distance vector. EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the metric, which is determined by the route, this is used by EIGRP, but multiplied by the number 256 to accommodate the calculation of the value when the bandwidth used is very high. EIGRP do when the fast convergence of the loop. EIGRP does not perform calculations, such as route calculation done by the link-state protocol. This makes EIGRP does not require design eksta, so that only requires less memory and process compared to link-state protocol, and EIGRP faster convergence of distance vector protocol on the other, this is because EIGRP does not require loop Avoidance feature.
EIGRP is no escape from the weakness of the protocol is Cisco-proprietary, so that if applied to the multivendor network diperlukansuatu function called route redistribution, this function will handle the exchange of routes between two router protocol OSPF and EIGRP

different Link state and Distance Vektor



Distance Vector

Convergence Time
Slow, mainly because of loop-avoidance features
Loop Avoidance
Built into the protocol
Requires extra features such as split horizon
Memory and CPU
Can be large; good design can minimize
Requires Design Effort for Large Networks
Public Standard or Proprietary
OSPF is public
RIP is publicly defined; IGRP is not


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Novell IPX

During this time we always discuss the network protocol IP protocol because this is the most widely used, although there are also other protocols that are important to know the protocol IPX (internetwork packet exchange), especially for networks that use Novell Netware, Novell Netware is the operating system that appears in the mid-1980s, which at that time was over the computer network. Due to its use by a broad and how to use different IP's, so you do not upset the IPX protocol will be discussed at the next session, the session configuration that can be downloaded under this article.
IPX address consists of 32bit and 48bit network ID node ID. While the format is the common use of hexadecimal numbers to use, 8 hex digits is a first for network ID and 12 hex digits for the next Node ID, such as table below.

8 hex desimal untuk networ ID12 hex desimal untuk node ID

Netware ModelOSI ModelProtokol Netware
Netware Core ProtokolApplication, Presentation, SessionSAP, RIP, NCP, NLSP
PhysicalPdysicalEthernet, Token ring

Novell Netware use the term node for the host, while the node ID is the device MAC address, IPX address 0000C10D.0660.B163.8D2E example, C10D is 0000C10D or network ID and node ID is 0660.B163.8D2E. IPX does not have any class and subnetmask as IP, IPX works at the OSI network reference model and including the type of connection oriented and provides SPX (Sequence Packet Exchange), which can guarantee the relationship and work on the transport layer.
Table Netware Network Model

Protocol-protocol Novell Netware

SAP (Service Advertising Protokol)

This protocol serves to advertise and request service from the Netware server. Netware client using SAP to get the services they need.

Routing Information Protokol(RIP) Over IPX

RIP over IPX enis is a distance vector routing protocol that is used specifically IPX

Netware Link Service Protokol (NLSP)
This type of protocol is a link state issued by the company Novell, this protocol will update if there are changes in the routing table.
Netware Core Protokol

Netware Protocol provides client access to server resources such as files and printers

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send email without SMTP server

Email service based on SMTP and POP are still difficult to get in for free. although this so efesien
to read email offline, usually we have to use a web-based email to send or receive incoming email. when we do not need to do this. if we do not have access to the SMTP server, you can create your own SMTP access. Quite easy to do. local software to install Local SMTP Relay Server Before sending the email, do the first configuration in the application local SMTP Relay Server and Microsoft Outlook 2007, do
  • run, the program LOCAL SMTP Relay Server has been installed.
  • Specify the SMTP port 25, select [default SMTP port]. if you want to use a different port, pilh option [Use spesific port] and fill in a port you
  • run Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

  • in Microsoft Outlook, click [tools]> [Account Settings]

  • select the account you want to change the SMTP server settings and click [change ...]
  • on the outgoing mail server (SMTP), fill with localhost
  • Now, click [more ... settings] tab to input ago [Advance].
  • note the port number on the server belonging to outgoing server (SMTP). make sure the port is used with the same settings that have been specified in the application
    Local SMTP Relay Server.
  • Change the Server Timeout previously located at the position 1 minute to 10 minutes
  • click [OK] hold [next] ago [finish]
from now, we can send email through a web-based email, and without a headache searching for free SMTP server

download indonesian articel version

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Wireshark is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. Has all the standard features that will be expected in the analysis protocol, and several features not seen on any other products. Its open source license allows talented experts in the networking community to add enhancements. He runs on all popular computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows

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YM and Mozilla

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Trend Micro

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Prediction SSD

SSD (Solid State Disk) is a data storage medium of storage and built, this is because the SSD will replace hard drives we are on now. The advantage of SSD is free of the rotating disc so that there is no risk such as hard disk (tahab shocks), as part mekaniknya does not have the fast data transfer, speed dialing tulisnya read. which are now reaching 512GB in to announce that A-Data with a series of XPG, eits not the first small compared to hard drive capacity ni kan still early fella. Like other hardware SSD certainly experiencing growing capacity in the form of the benefits that have been held, hmm have also recognized the weakness of Vice President of Apac Region, Kingston Technology is the lifetime of SSD is more short of hard drive but according to him it is solved using SLC SSD ( single-level cell) that has access to data 100.000kali per block with 1-bit ECC (error correction), and three times more cepatdibandingkan SSD based MLC (multi level cell), SLC SSD right candidate this is a replacement disk drive

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This is my story on a day that I visited my friend to place the name tejo, the purpose of my goals is to tempatna learn,

but sort of the nature pamerna ituloh that disrupt my study (thorn congrats) ... From the view vista can be installed in XP wow cool ... JO

You have interested this view ..?

Please download

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GMail Drive

By Google

Ihwow Gmail is a shell namespace extension that creates a virtual drives in the windows explorer, allowing to use google mail account as a storage medium, It allows you to do basic file manipulation, such as copy and delete, on files inside the GMail folder. Because it is a Shell Extension, the interface you work in is Windows Explorer itself. GMail files are physically stored as e-mails on your Google Mail account. The files are stored in mail attachments, and the filename and file information (such as filesize) is stored in the message subject line. GMail Drive has already been installed on your computer. All you need to do now, is to browse to the GMail Drive entry under your My Computer folder in the Windows Explorer.

Well, if you want installed Gmail Drive

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Transmission network is a one to one (point to point), while in use, a single system trying to communicate with only one other system, the network point to point in use on a large network, by connecting the local network to other networks through a single point access point .

point to point network using wireless technology (microwave 15 GHz)

When a data packet will be sent to the machine (node) in the network at will, makapaket must pass one or more of the other nodes that act as intermediaries. Intermediary node can be, the node is an intermediary gateway computer.
On Ethernet networks, unicast is known through MACaddress see destination and origin of which is the host address is unique. On the network using the IP address that is unique (no one will be the same with the other).
When the system related to the network frame, it will always own MACaddress check whether the frame is intended for himself, when his MACaddress match will be processed. If not then ignore the.
Note! When connected to the hub, all the system see all the frames through the network, because merea all part of the same collision domain.


View the name of the only method that can diketehui one to many transmission (point to multipoint).

point to multipoint network using wireless technology (2.4 GHz microwave)

analogy: a group of computer needs to receive a transmission such as audio or video, and at the same time they want to mentransmisi audio at the same time, if the data is sent to each computer individually, then some of the flow of data required, if the data flowed in broadcast, then there is no need to process for all systems, with the multicast data is transmitted only once.

such as sending or receiving SMS between mobile phone users, this technique is used to explain how a message sent from one mobile phone can be received by many mobile phone or a message that is sent by the service provider to all customers.

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Seeing the invisible visible on facebook

Of course this invisible mode is used when we wanted to have privacy, we palage hhehe a player who had a lot cewe, pi cewe I want my monitor, it can be lo ga me invisible?? Now that he's no escape my tuk tuk so you ni hhehehe real player.
  • invite to
  • of this application (appearoffline red) you can see your girlfriends or that are online even though you are offline deh.
  • to facilitate the use of this application, click the bookmarks menu appear offline on facebook that are at the bottom.
but for the player is before you convert ketahauan, change the image of a man. Cayo faithful./febtian

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LAN Search Pro

Finding hidden files on the network? Hmm interesting pi yes yes easy difficulty, but the windows search facility can find ga in hidden files and search data quickly, if you want to find data quickly and find the data that was hidden in a network with wide coverage, he ni I recommendations have a free tool that favored hhaha kosan children, namely LAN Search Pro click below to download
Not only that this application offers a variety of sophistication of restricted access resources, IP subnets, LAN FTP servers, and many more. How to use it very easily. Oh yes capacity 2 million files can be accommodated!, I have a note for you when ni want to find all the files, for example the berekstensi mp3. Type *. mp3 .. good luck./febtian

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Upload foto Album so Quickly on Facebook

I'm annoyed, I am among those who like to download photos on facebook for sharing the goal yes, but the process was a lelet unduhnya, yes it was in the cafe in place because of my speed only 512kbps, heu. But it can be overcome with the Add-on Firefox is "Facebook Album Downloader (FacePad)" by using this (facepad red) I can download a little or a lot of photos at once, how to use the Add-on is:
  • invite end then pilih link add to firefox.
  • “install now”
  • wait until the download and install process is complete, reply already, please log into your facebook
  • go to photos page
  • Right click on the album, not an image, select download albums with facePAD
  • ihwew confirmation window appears, confirm that the download ru donk wrote conducted
  • appears, yes just wait until the end
  • when you finish, right click on the download window of firefox and select open containing folder

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Routing Protokol

Computer network likened to vehicle traffic lane, there was bad if the pass line filled with vehicles, such as the fast lane highway as well as computer networks.Routing table can be created by static, default and dynamic
  • Static routing is a way of making the routing table manually. This is useful for sederhanayang network using only a few routers and also to save bandwidth usage.
Excess static routing
  • There is no bandwidth is used between the routers.
  • no overhead on the router.
  • Add security, because the admin can choose to fill the routing access kejaringan

lack of static routing
  • Admin should really understand the internetwork, how each can configure the router connected to the router.
  • If there is a new network, the network admin have to route to any router manually

Static Routing

IP routing is always applied (enable) for Cisco routers, so to make a static IP routing simply by typing the command:
Router(config)#ip route <network destination id> <subnet mask> <next hoop/default gateway>

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Dinamic Routing

Dinamic Routing

Interior Vektor
Eksterior Vektor

Distancce Vektor
Link State
Path Vektor

BGP for IPV6

Dynamic router is a router that route path established automatically by the router itself according to the configuration are made, if there are changes or additions topology between the network topology, the router will automatically update the new routing, Dynamic routing in umu is divided into 2 the distance vector and link state

Routing Information Protokol (RIP)

Routing protocol is the simplest of the type of distance vector. RIP uses the hop (hop count) as a metric with a maximum of 15 hops, so if the hop count to 16 then the router will give the message "destinatination is unreachable" (goal not met), RIP protocol routing table updated every 30 seconds.
  • invalid timer merupakan waktu dalam detik, router dinyatakan tidak berfungsi
  • holddown timer
  • flush timer

Interior Gateway Routing Protokol(IGRP)

Types include IGRP distance vector is created to deal with problems on the RIP protocol, the maximum number of hops to 255. IGRP is a routing protocol included in the autonomous system (AS), the default administrative distance for IGRP is 100.
Autonomous system is a set of routers that use the same protocol RIP dimisalkan in a management protocol.

Dinamic Routing

  • Distance vector : how far, the router to find the shortest path to reach the destination network
  • Link State : how fast,who has the ideology that is not necessarily the shortest, this fast in the shortest possible path, there is traffic congestion, and link state to see the amount of available bandwidth, routers usually link state has specifications above average aka expensive.

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Routing Table

As an administrative network is of course we must know the network topology by the routing table to see the only form of letters and numbers only, of course this is a problem that exists for a junior admin, will teach here sonny see topology of the routing table, consider the well

Note: Things you should know from the appearance textarea above is information code "R" which emuat configuration for RIP, as well as others. Then watch indigo [120 / 1], 120 is the administrative distance (AD / router confidence level) and the metric value of 1 is owned by the router. protocols used metric is the number of hops RIP.

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Every time the Cisco router is turned on, this equipment will perform a routine process that is called the boot process, the boot process is working through a specific sequence as follows:

  • First the router will run the Power On Self Test (POST) to check the CPU, memory and interface equipment to ensure that the router hardware to function properly.
  • Then bootstrap the system will work for a Cisco IOS image that can be used. Generally this Cisco IOS image can be obtained from flash memory or from the tftp server, depending on the configuration list is used by the equipment. By default this configuration register value 0x2102 which will tell the router to find the IOS image from flash memory.
  • IOS image search efforts conducted 5 times, if not successful, the router will enter ROM mode to enable the IOS image manually.
  • If the IOS image found, the IOS image will be loaded into RAM memory system
  • Then, the router will look for first configuration (start-up configuration) which is generally found in NVRAM
  • If the router is turned on for the first time, the router has yet to have a first configuration, and the router will run the system configuration dialog that allows the creation of first configuration manually.
The device is owned by the router has to similarities with the computer device comprising:
  • ROM allows you to save a bootstrap system that serves to regulate the boot process and run the Power on Self Test (POST) and the IOS image
  • NVRAM configuration store that served the initial (start-up configuration)
  • RAM which has the task to save the running configuration (running configuration) and Cisco IOS operating systems are active.
  • FLASH useful to store the IOS image, using FLASH, a new version of IOS can be obtained from the TFTP server without having to replace components in the router.

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IP calculator

IP calculator is a tool that facilitates the network administration to determine the decisions made by John Swartz,
we only menginputkan our IP address, and will get a ita Subnetmask, broadcast, Ip range,
addressclassless IP even can be manipulated here,
more info please visit

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NVU is a web application editor is "what you see is what you get". Someone can make a web designer with no advanced syntax syntax-HTML tags. This application has the advantage of them: You can directly upload web pages Amda built into your web hosting on the Internet, using the facilities manager's ftp site NVU, NVU is a standalone tool, yangtidak tied with other applications, many colors, dilegkapi css editor, can directly open and edit an existing web page on the Internet and then upload them, for a programmer nvu equipped with a tool to insert php code and javascript.
Getting NVU

I. Instalasi NVU di linux
If you have nvu in the form of rpm, then the way to type the command installation

# rpm –i nvu-x.x-x.rpm

If you use linux distro redhat variant, denngan orders

# alien –i nvu-x.x-x.rpm

If you use linux distro debian or knoppix variant
# dpkg –i nvu-x.x-x.deb
Whereas if you get nvu in bz2 tarball, eg, nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2, then you need to decompress the file first with the command:
# bunzip nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2

# bzip2 nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2

end then

# tar xf nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar

After going through these roses, will be formed direktorinvu-1.0 which contains all the components nvu program.

$ Nvu

but if you had installed in the form of tar bz2, then to run Nvu by going to the directory where the extracted eg nvu xsrc/nvu1.1

$ xsrc/nvu1.1
$ sh nvu

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Router is a device in a route network packets to another network, you could say also as a means of connecting one network to another network. In this edition I will configure the router to 2 pieces 2 subnets can be connected. using the application packet tracer 5.0
View pictures as examples!

Keep in mind that the router interface and the same company so we menngunakan cross cable, if the 2 devices to be connected has a different interface using a straight cable.

1. first router snapshot


Router#conf t

Router(config)#hostname R1 -- in here i gift name to router is R1

R1 (config)#int fa0/0 --sync fastethernet

R1 (config-if)#ip address

-- //thats is gateway

R1 (config-if)#no shutdown

R1 (config-if)#exit

R1 (config)#int ser2/0

R1 (config-if)#ip address

R1 (config-if)#clock rate 64000 --clock rate to using if in int ser any watch picture

R1 (config-if)#no shutdown

R1 (config-if)#exit

Configuration is completed on the first router, make almost the same thing also on the second router.
After its completion when we configure ip route to network with each other network can be connected.

R1(config)#ip route net-tujuan sub-tujuan next_hoop

R1(config)#ip route

R1#copy running-config startup-config
--this is done so that if the router is switched off the previous configuration is not lost
Also in the router do next. Okey... ..
Rich I am not sure you are doing okay I am biased configuration guided

2. in 2nd Router


Router#conf t

Router(config)#hostname R2

R2(config)#int fa0/0

R2 (config-if)#ip address

R2 (config-if)#no shutdown

R2 (config-if)#exit

R2 (config)#int ser2/0

R2 (config-if)#ip address

R2 (config-if)#no shutdown

R2 (config-if)#exit

R2 (config)#ip route

R1#copy running-config startup-config

what if there are 3 routers?? very different indeed if we want to route router0 (R1) to router2 (R3) here next_hoop (door) is ip address of the router, the URLs R1 as the postman will visit with an escort home, R2 as security (guards), R3 as host. Then R1 here of course can not directly go into the house and met his host, but spoke first to the security, saying "no mas master at home??" And the guard into the house and said to his master, "the lord is the postman .." " grab the package "the master said that the analogy ..
so if you want to route R1 (router0) to R3 (router2), next_hoop used next_hoop on R2 serial2 / 0

Finished configuring the router, now 2 men sharing each other network to do things hhe, good luck!!. /febtian

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I. IP Address Classes
IP addresses consist of 32-bit binary numbers, which is written in 4 groups of 8 bytes (octets) separated by a dot as the example below:
Or can be written in the form of 4 groups of decimal numbers (0-255) is


IP address consists of 2 parts of the network id and host id, network ID to determine the network address, while the host ID to determine the host address or computer.
Classes of IP address:
Kelas Network id Host id Range Default subnetmask
A W. X.Y.Z 1 - 126
B W.X. Y.Z. 128 - 191
C W.X.Y Z 192 - 223

224 - 239

240 - 247

Class Network Host id id Range Default subnet mask

In order to know the class of equipment an IP address, then each must have an IP address in decimal numbers Subnetmask 255 or binary 11111111 indicates a default Subnetmask concerned that the octet of IP address is for a network id, while the decimal or binary 0 is the host id 00,000,000. Actually there are more classes D and E are rarely used but you need to remember, the class D is used for multicast addresses and class E was prepared utuk experiments.
In addition, there are also some additional rules as follows that you also need to know, namely:

• Number 127 in the first octet is used for loopback, ie to test their own computer in the network.
• If an octet consisting of the number 1 means that all broadcast address (sender of the message)
A. Subnetting

Here I'll show a quick way to determine the subnet, it will be useful if you follow the CCNA exam, for example will be used network ID with a Subnetmask same. This method is easier to understand if the described examples and enggunakan following ways:
• From the first octet and the value of a given subnet, IP address can be known is the class to Bdengan octet-3 covered with numbers 192
Use the formula (256 - number octet of the most backward) = 256 to 192 = 64
• well, the subnet that can be used is a multiple of 64, ie 64 and 128
• So the range of IP that has been in the subnet is until 132,200,127,254 until 132,200,191,254
191 is the limit of this subnet by the subnet mask, and not exceed 192 (octet end), so we do not need to memorize the table subnetting.
Another example
Suppose we use a class C network ID with Subnetmask 255,255,255,240 in the same way:

Calculate (from 256 to 240) = 16, a group of subnets that can be used is a multiple of the number 16, ie 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, and 224

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Configure the password for the telnet

Use cisco as the password. When you are finished, exit from line configuration mode.

R1(config)#line vty 0 4 // any 5 admin to access using telnet sesion

R1(config-line)#password cisco




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Configure the console password on the router

Using password on configuration mode for safe yaour router, thats command is include line console 0 on terminal . 0 = just one line console can access to terminal.

R1(config)#line console 0

R1(config-line)#password cisco





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