Routing Protokol

Computer network likened to vehicle traffic lane, there was bad if the pass line filled with vehicles, such as the fast lane highway as well as computer networks.Routing table can be created by static, default and dynamic
  • Static routing is a way of making the routing table manually. This is useful for sederhanayang network using only a few routers and also to save bandwidth usage.
Excess static routing
  • There is no bandwidth is used between the routers.
  • no overhead on the router.
  • Add security, because the admin can choose to fill the routing access kejaringan

lack of static routing
  • Admin should really understand the internetwork, how each can configure the router connected to the router.
  • If there is a new network, the network admin have to route to any router manually

Static Routing

IP routing is always applied (enable) for Cisco routers, so to make a static IP routing simply by typing the command:
Router(config)#ip route <network destination id> <subnet mask> <next hoop/default gateway>