NVU is a web application editor is "what you see is what you get". Someone can make a web designer with no advanced syntax syntax-HTML tags. This application has the advantage of them: You can directly upload web pages Amda built into your web hosting on the Internet, using the facilities manager's ftp site NVU, NVU is a standalone tool, yangtidak tied with other applications, many colors, dilegkapi css editor, can directly open and edit an existing web page on the Internet and then upload them, for a programmer nvu equipped with a tool to insert php code and javascript.
Getting NVU http://www.Nvu.com/download.php

I. Instalasi NVU di linux
If you have nvu in the form of rpm, then the way to type the command installation

# rpm –i nvu-x.x-x.rpm

If you use linux distro redhat variant, denngan orders

# alien –i nvu-x.x-x.rpm

If you use linux distro debian or knoppix variant
# dpkg –i nvu-x.x-x.deb
Whereas if you get nvu in bz2 tarball, eg, nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2, then you need to decompress the file first with the command:
# bunzip nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2

# bzip2 nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2

end then

# tar xf nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar

After going through these roses, will be formed direktorinvu-1.0 which contains all the components nvu program.

$ Nvu

but if you had installed in the form of tar bz2, then to run Nvu by going to the directory where the extracted eg nvu xsrc/nvu1.1

$ xsrc/nvu1.1
$ sh nvu