Upload foto Album so Quickly on Facebook

I'm annoyed, I am among those who like to download photos on facebook for sharing the goal yes, but the process was a lelet unduhnya, yes it was in the cafe in place because of my speed only 512kbps, heu. But it can be overcome with the Add-on Firefox is "Facebook Album Downloader (FacePad)" by using this (facepad red) I can download a little or a lot of photos at once, how to use the Add-on is:
  • invite http://addons.mozilla.org.en-US/firefox/addon/8442 end then pilih link add to firefox.
  • “install now”
  • wait until the download and install process is complete, reply already, please log into your facebook
  • go to photos page
  • Right click on the album, not an image, select download albums with facePAD
  • ihwew confirmation window appears, confirm that the download ru donk wrote conducted
  • appears, yes just wait until the end
  • when you finish, right click on the download window of firefox and select open containing folder