One day I was bored I continue to face the obvious in facebook or in the virtual world, I would like to continue to create images such as cartoons, but I'm a fool in the use of Adobe heu, I can hold recommendations for the site faceyourmanga. Hmm this is a site that gives our face without wearing the cost,faceyourmanga provide all the usual in pairs on the internet if faceyourmanga lazy show up original images, how to make it simple with a variety of characteristics that make us experiment with our own face hhe. Step the making it as follows:

  • Go to www.faceyourmanga.com
  • On the new page select “Face your manga”
  • On the new page selec “Create” for starting
  • Select sex
  • eksperimently with various characteristics, accessories, and widgets that have
  • When done click "finish"
  • Once this step is completed, inputkan email address to send you all that you have made

Try it