Novell IPX

During this time we always discuss the network protocol IP protocol because this is the most widely used, although there are also other protocols that are important to know the protocol IPX (internetwork packet exchange), especially for networks that use Novell Netware, Novell Netware is the operating system that appears in the mid-1980s, which at that time was over the computer network. Due to its use by a broad and how to use different IP's, so you do not upset the IPX protocol will be discussed at the next session, the session configuration that can be downloaded under this article.
IPX address consists of 32bit and 48bit network ID node ID. While the format is the common use of hexadecimal numbers to use, 8 hex digits is a first for network ID and 12 hex digits for the next Node ID, such as table below.

8 hex desimal untuk networ ID12 hex desimal untuk node ID

Netware ModelOSI ModelProtokol Netware
Netware Core ProtokolApplication, Presentation, SessionSAP, RIP, NCP, NLSP
PhysicalPdysicalEthernet, Token ring

Novell Netware use the term node for the host, while the node ID is the device MAC address, IPX address 0000C10D.0660.B163.8D2E example, C10D is 0000C10D or network ID and node ID is 0660.B163.8D2E. IPX does not have any class and subnetmask as IP, IPX works at the OSI network reference model and including the type of connection oriented and provides SPX (Sequence Packet Exchange), which can guarantee the relationship and work on the transport layer.
Table Netware Network Model

Protocol-protocol Novell Netware

SAP (Service Advertising Protokol)

This protocol serves to advertise and request service from the Netware server. Netware client using SAP to get the services they need.

Routing Information Protokol(RIP) Over IPX

RIP over IPX enis is a distance vector routing protocol that is used specifically IPX

Netware Link Service Protokol (NLSP)
This type of protocol is a link state issued by the company Novell, this protocol will update if there are changes in the routing table.
Netware Core Protokol

Netware Protocol provides client access to server resources such as files and printers