This is a very interesting site, we can convert text into mp3 format with free (only up to 100MB), I was reminded of the custom of first school term time I listen to my voice recordings, this probably made goals Zamzar site, maybe also as we will preparing a presentation, but when we were little we can listen to the files that we have to convert. mp3 on his way to goal.

How it works, you simply upload a file of documents to text files are converted to a format word, pdf, txt, etc, and choose mp3 as output, otherwise enter your email address so that Zamzar can send the admin hasilnya. /febtian

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Mozilla Firefox is solid, other than the speed of this application, the firefox to see the other side to sell their products, the design, add ons Foxtab is that I will study here, with similar foxtab own alt + tab on windows and linux but function to open tab in the tab itself mozila, foxtab provide various types of display that allows us to not bosen, the view that there are 5 slides, slide2, thumbnail, thumbnail2, and 3dflip.

To five in this view the adoption of various operating systems that have at this time, such as a slide show in the adoption of the operating system MAC OS, 3D-Flip in the adoption of Windows Vista. How to get it also very easy, you simply search the mozilla add ons and download, with the capacity to download a small time is not long, to get Foxtab click here. /febtian

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Calculate Wildcard-mask

Use the wildcard-mask option with the network command to advertise only the subnet and not the
entire classful network.

Note: Think of a wildcard mask as the inverse of a subnet mask. The inverse of the subnet mask is To calculate the inverse of the subnet mask, subtract the subnet mask from
–   Subtract the subnet mask
0 . 0 . 0 . 15   Wildcard mask

R1(config-router)# network


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Static vs Dynamic

I ever try to make Autonomous small-scale in which there is a Static Routing and Routing Dimanic which I want to combine, in fact can not be connected between Dynamic Routing and Static Routing, week ago in the lab networking I get the answer, it appeared that the Router Dinamic (RIP) Default Routing give in and be the default-information originate.

Step normally do first configuration ethernet, serial and Routing, and then in router 2 (R2) input command as below:

R2(config)#ip route

// This command is intended to router static
R2(config)#router rip
R2(config-router)#default-information originate

The command above is applied on the dynamic router directly connected with Router static routing

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