Bluetooth 3.0 has been Launched

Bluetooth is a wireless data transfer media typically used by mobile phones, are now out of 3rd generation of Bluetooth, which was launched on 21 April last, Bluetooth 3.0 is also known as Bluetooth UWB is expected to transfer data as well as short distance ang speed quickly, comparison bluetooth 3.0 with the previous version of the 18x Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR.
The new standard supports a speed of 480Mb / s fast wow yah. And the maximum distance 30 feet, with a minimum speed of 53.3MB / s dn is in the range of 100Mb / s, with such amazing speed is expected absence of DC (disconnected) in the snkronisasi process. Generic technology plus the Alternate MAC / PHY (AMP), Bluetooth 3.0 will be able mentrasnfer same data transfer speed on WI-FI, 3.0 enables blutooth standard Bluetooth frequency for piggybackprotokol IEEE 802.11, which can be activated bluetooth on the WI-FI.
Because the protocol adaption layer (PAL), Bluetooth can be used to help the pairing between the 2 devices but the data is transferred via WI-FI,
Just to take advantage of faster speeds, both devices must carry the bluetooth and WI-FI.

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