Handling Hidden File because Virus

This story's been a while, and now remembered lage. When my friend was confused his files in the hidden deliberately ng 'to the show hidden when already using a variety of outcome antivirus not detected the virus, how confused she was and I asked what file did you hide, it pictures, well I imagine mulei that the various ni (bus hhe's dirty face).

how to hide his own files is easy by right clicking on files hidden on the checklist, and then click tools on the menubar select the folder option> view nah select radiobutton "Do not show hidden files and folders" ilang deh files you want on hide ^ ^

Of course in this article the main topic open but hidden files show hidden files that g 'could be in the show hidden because of the virus and how to handle it, follow these steps:

Search option Search.
* In what part do you want to search for? Sure select option pengen file you show up.
* Then click the "use advanced search options".
* Then select More advanced options is a checklist Search hidden files and folders
* Finish is the pace to stay click Search

Good luck, in love coment yah ^ ^./febtian

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