Prediction SSD

SSD (Solid State Disk) is a data storage medium of storage and built, this is because the SSD will replace hard drives we are on now. The advantage of SSD is free of the rotating disc so that there is no risk such as hard disk (tahab shocks), as part mekaniknya does not have the fast data transfer, speed dialing tulisnya read. which are now reaching 512GB in to announce that A-Data with a series of XPG, eits not the first small compared to hard drive capacity ni kan still early fella. Like other hardware SSD certainly experiencing growing capacity in the form of the benefits that have been held, hmm have also recognized the weakness of Vice President of Apac Region, Kingston Technology is the lifetime of SSD is more short of hard drive but according to him it is solved using SLC SSD ( single-level cell) that has access to data 100.000kali per block with 1-bit ECC (error correction), and three times more cepatdibandingkan SSD based MLC (multi level cell), SLC SSD right candidate this is a replacement disk drive