Transmission network is a one to one (point to point), while in use, a single system trying to communicate with only one other system, the network point to point in use on a large network, by connecting the local network to other networks through a single point access point .

point to point network using wireless technology (microwave 15 GHz)

When a data packet will be sent to the machine (node) in the network at will, makapaket must pass one or more of the other nodes that act as intermediaries. Intermediary node can be, the node is an intermediary gateway computer.
On Ethernet networks, unicast is known through MACaddress see destination and origin of which is the host address is unique. On the network using the IP address that is unique (no one will be the same with the other).
When the system related to the network frame, it will always own MACaddress check whether the frame is intended for himself, when his MACaddress match will be processed. If not then ignore the.
Note! When connected to the hub, all the system see all the frames through the network, because merea all part of the same collision domain.


View the name of the only method that can diketehui one to many transmission (point to multipoint).

point to multipoint network using wireless technology (2.4 GHz microwave)

analogy: a group of computer needs to receive a transmission such as audio or video, and at the same time they want to mentransmisi audio at the same time, if the data is sent to each computer individually, then some of the flow of data required, if the data flowed in broadcast, then there is no need to process for all systems, with the multicast data is transmitted only once.

such as sending or receiving SMS between mobile phone users, this technique is used to explain how a message sent from one mobile phone can be received by many mobile phone or a message that is sent by the service provider to all customers.