use of bandwidth in EIGRP

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allhamdulillah I finally get answers to my job on campus. about EIGRP routing protokols,that is, "why EIGRP uses bandwidth the include in EIGRP distance vector protocol that does not require bandwidth?", but see or calculate the nearest hop on down .. This is a task that answers a question I get

Balanced hybrid is a term to describe your protkol routing that is used by EIGRP, this is because EIGRP has some features of distance vector and link state, as we know that EIGRP is a distance vector. EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the metric, which is determined by the route, this is used by EIGRP, but multiplied by the number 256 to accommodate the calculation of the value when the bandwidth used is very high. EIGRP do when the fast convergence of the loop. EIGRP does not perform calculations, such as route calculation done by the link-state protocol. This makes EIGRP does not require design eksta, so that only requires less memory and process compared to link-state protocol, and EIGRP faster convergence of distance vector protocol on the other, this is because EIGRP does not require loop Avoidance feature.
EIGRP is no escape from the weakness of the protocol is Cisco-proprietary, so that if applied to the multivendor network diperlukansuatu function called route redistribution, this function will handle the exchange of routes between two router protocol OSPF and EIGRP

different Link state and Distance Vektor



Distance Vector

Convergence Time
Slow, mainly because of loop-avoidance features
Loop Avoidance
Built into the protocol
Requires extra features such as split horizon
Memory and CPU
Can be large; good design can minimize
Requires Design Effort for Large Networks
Public Standard or Proprietary
OSPF is public
RIP is publicly defined; IGRP is not