Administratif Distance of CISCO's Router

401notfound not have long to give an article about Cisco, on occasion this time I will explain about the Administrative Distance, Administrative Distance is a numeric value that specifies the preference of a particular route, It's a calculated value used to determine the best path to a destination, each routing protocol has an administrative distance separately. In the example above picture there are EIGRP and RIP protocols , when a PC with a network to send packets to the network packet routing who to use is EIGRP will pass this is because the Administrative distance is smaller than the Administrative Distance to the RIP.

Administrative Distance The smaller the higher the level of trust. For those of you who want to see the AD on your router can use the "show ip route" command, Here I will provide the Administrative Distance table values held Cisco's routers

Note CLI above we can see is used Routing Static Routing and Default Administrative distance of 1

Administrative distance is an integer value that is used to indicate a router's "trustworthiness" In the article I gave you this time, may be useful and you know the route of transmission lines on an autonomous system. /febtian

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